We do operate with a modern Fleet Park. None of our vehicles is older than 5 years. We do own Volvo trailer trucks with emission class Euro 6. The semitrailers are the brand of Schwarzmüller.

The cooling semitrailers are standard ones, that means for 33 pallets, in the future we are about to focus on two-floor semitrailers with 66 pallets capacity.

All of them are equipped with the Carrier units with recorder and temperature monitoring. All of our vehicles are equipped with the CCS Carnet online monitoring system.


Year of manifacture: 2017-2020
Engine: 500 HP, EURO 6
Cabin: Globetrotter XL

Parameters of semitrailers

Cooling semitrailer

Chladírenský návěs

Internal length:  13 345 mm

Internal width 2 460  mm

Height of the inner load space:  2 650 až 2 750 mm

Load space:  33 EUP

Load weight:  24 tun

Curtainsider semitrailer

plachtový návěs Volvo

Internal length 13 620 mm

Internal width 2 480 mm

Height of the inner load space:  2 720 mm

Internal width between guide rails:  2 430 mm

Rear loading width 2 480 mm

Side loading height under the guide rail:  2 620 mm

Load space: 34 EUP

Load weight: 25 tun

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