CHERIS Trading v.o.s.

We are a private family company managed by the owners for two generations. The company CHERIS Trading v.o.s. was established on 23.12.1992, so we are on the market for more than 25 years. This we do consider as well as one of the stability assumptions factors. The core business is being focused on goods transports to Spain provided by tilt and cooling semitrailers.

For the transports, we do exclusively use Volvo vehicles. 

In 2008, The Volvo Globetrotter company magazine published our following statement:

The company of Radek and Kateřina Šlajcher does the business since 1992 and according to the words of Radek Šlajcher, it does so with a belief, that “there are many of transport vehicles, but Volvo is Volvo”. Both husbands add to that following: “For us it is not just a machine, it is an organism with a soul.”

In 1995, the company CHERIS Trad s.r.o. was established and it takes the relay in goods transports and is operator of transport activities delivered before by the company CHERIS Trading v.o.s. It is a natural thing that operates exclusively vehicles owned by the company CHERIS Trading v.o.s.

For the owner there is typical a straightforward decision-making, that is always a balanced combination of common sense and feeling. As the most important factor, we would mark the art to decide quickly and at the same time correctly, and to take for the made decisions full responsibility.

Radek Šlajcher
K. Šlajcherová

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